# Module Console Commands

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Module names should not be typed in UPPERCASE but CamelCase. ie instead of SERIALCODE type SerialCode

Your module may contain console commands. You can make these commands manually, or generate them with the following command:

php artisan module:make-command CommandName ModuleName


php artisan moddule:make-command ImportTicketsCommand Tickets

This will create an ImportTicketsCommand command inside the Tickets module located at Modules/Tickets/Console/ImportTicketsCommand.

Please refer to the laravel documentation on artisan commands to learn all about them.

Registering commands

In order to use custom module commands, they first need to be registered inside the module service providers boot method:


You can now access your command via php artisan in the console.

Schedule commands

To use the Artisan's scheduler

Import Schedule

use Illuminate\Console\Scheduling\Schedule;

Now inside the boot method called app->booted inside the closure make an instance of schedule then register the command to be called and its frequency.

$this->app->booted(function () {
    $schedule = $this->app->make(Schedule::class);

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