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You can publish the package configuration using the following command:

php artisan vendor:publish --provider="Nwidart\Modules\LaravelModulesServiceProvider"

In the published configuration file you can configure the following things:

Default namespace

What the default namespace will be when generating modules.

Key: namespace

Default: Modules

Overwrite the generated files

Overwrite the default generated stubs to be used when generating modules. This can be useful to customise the output of different files.

Key: stubs

Overwrite the paths

Overwrite the default paths used throughout the package.

Key: paths

Scan additional folders for modules

This is disabled by default. Once enabled, the package will look for modules in the specified array of paths.

Key: scan

Composer file template

Customise the generated composer.json file.

Key: composer


If you have many modules it's a good idea to cache this information (like the multiple module.json files for example).

Key: cache

Registering custom namespace

Decide which custom namespaces need to be registered by the package. If one is set to false, the package won't handle its registration.

Key: register

Laravel Package built by Nicolas Widart.
Maintained by David Carr follow on X @dcblogdev